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Sharing visions,
to the point!

We visually reproduce ideas, cues, networking dynamics and immersive results from meetings and briefings in real time, through techniques of personalized scribing. This simplifies complex concepts and identifies solutions true to your objectives, making them even easier to share.


Scribing is an instrument, as well as a creative and explorative act, which allows us to visually record, in real time, the flow of senses of an exchange of verbal communication. It is created with a free-hand technique on paper, foamboard panels, whiteboards, glass and sometimes even on walls.


The digital version of scribing can be done in person, projecting on monitors, as well as remotely from our Headquarters, for greater sustainability and smartness sharing of results!


We give life to our designs by animating them, creating short movies to tell and share your stories. They are dynamic, fun and effective creations which are easily understood and immediately shareable. We follow a well-defined process: we listen to your needs, we decide together the technique, style, voice and the music. Next comes the creation of the storyboard for the animations, which are first illustrated and then edited. The scribing videos are made using time-lapse, in order to view and admire all phases of the creative process.


We create metaphors of visual synthesis in order to explain strategies and interconnections. Rich pictures are real or imagined imagery which celebrate the contents that are being delved into, with more details. It is an advanced technique which allows us to take a concept or a situation, and to transmit it in a metaphorical scenario, in a way that individualizes all of the invisible interconnections.


Differently from the foamboard panels used for scribing, Knowledge Walls are not created by following a stream of consciousness in real time – rather, they gather ideas, thoughts, data, statistics and key moments of the event at hand being recorded. If scribing stands for the ‘zooming in’ on individual sections of the event, the Knowledge Wall is the panoramic view of the entire event.

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