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Yobi is creative and strategic human design, which brings together processes of regeneration of ideas and values of the strong human component. We focus on your ideas and concepts and add value by synthesizing them into visual, concrete ideas, making communication more precise, inclusive and punchy. Yobi is the instrument which makes the invisible visible. Above all we are listeners and we work by your side in a constant process of support and networking.


Collaborative and group processes through listening and getting an overall vision and understanding, then analyzing objectives and results thanks to visible synthesis practices and personalized scribing and facilitation activities.


the strengths of your company in unprecedented ways. We will reveal new ones, then rethink them together based on the needs of a single project in compliance with your corporate culture.


ideas, giving value to every single individual in the team and their point of view, giving form to convergent and divergent thinking.


concrete realities starting from immaterial projects, or those only dreamed of, inspiring trust in the stakeholders and in the possibility of change.


We are devoted to networking, to scribing and to design, in order to re-dimension the complexities of your projects and to give shape to your ideas. Yobi constructs services and events to measure for you!

  • Tom Graves

    Cycle to Accelerate

    The Yobi team did brilliant work on graphic-recording for my online-webinar session on ‘Making sense of uncertainty’, and also provided a set of excellent freehand graphics before the session that I used as section-separators for the webinar’s slidedeck. Thank you Yobi!

  • Caroline Ruiner

    Professor at University of Hohenheim

    Many thanks for the excellent graphic recording – this is a wonderful documentation of our workshop on “Regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management” held in beautiful Florence.

  • Dr Esther Gutierrez Eugenio

    Big Data & Analytics | Senior Project and Product Manager – Procter & Gamble

    The Yobi team has an amazing ability to capture key messages and represent them creatively in his drawings. We had over 500 delegates from all around the world, most of them academics who had never seen live graphic recording before, and they were very impressed with Yobi’s drawings and their excellent work. Yobi provided a very meaningful graphic representation of the main presentations and discussions which I am sure we will be able to use for months and years to come in our own communications. Thank you again, Yobi, for such great work and service!

  • Marco Buschman

    Leadership Expert, Team & Executive Coach, International Facilitator – Courius

    It’s always a joy and privilege to work with Yobi’s graphic facilitators and knowledge workers. As Human BEINGS they are positive, flexible, supportive and interested. As Human DOINGS they are able to capture the essence of the training or the presentation in simple and powerful drawings which support the learning process of the attendees. If you’re looking for great work, service and impact I recommend to reach out to Yobi.

  • Stefania Bacchi

    Communication & Events Manager presso Warrant Hub – Tinexta Group

    Yobi is a team of great professionals and artists, gifted with an exceptional capacity to listen and for “translation into visual features”. When you think you’re not able to synthesize and make difficult, non-common sense concepts more fluid, along comes Yobi, who simplifies and makes everything understandable and captivates each theme with their work.

  • Antonella Corso

    Business Support Officer at European Space Agency – ESA

    The Yobi team is formed by serious professionals, ensuring high level of commitment and oriented to excellent quality of performance. Their impressive skills in listening and understanding customer needs and their graphic talent were key in our project. It was also a great pleasure to work with them: they were able to bring a fresh breath of innovation and dream in our ideas. Their capacity to quickly grab the essentials, in no matter what topic they are confronted with, makes of the Yobi team a very dynamic and successful partner in any communication project they are involved with. GRAZIE Yobi!

  • Silvia Quercioli

    Employer Branding and Employee Experience Communication Manager – ELI LILLY ITALIA

    Yobi is able to transform business concepts and messages into graphic art and explain important topics for organizations in a fresh and creative way. The company projects that Yobi followed with my company were always a success in terms of appreciation and approval from employees. Their designs enrich internal communication.

  • Amanda Paull

    Global Marketing Leader – Certified Languages International

    I cannot say enough about the Yobi team. I was seeking a very specific illustration style when I came across their scribe work. From the moment I contacted them they were extremely responsive. The Yobi team is very curious – and asked lots of clarifying questions beyond the creative brief to be sure he really understood what we were going for. Despite being halfway around the world from us, I felt like they were in constant communication with us along the way. And they delivered the project SO QUICKLY. I am loving the finished products and I can’t wait to do another project with them.

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