We organize made-to-measure workshops and collaborative events to involve and stimulate company teams. Through processes of artistic facilitation and ‘Gamification’, every participant becomes an active part of the exchange of ideas and of the creative process.


We identify together the new instruments and methodologies for employee engagement. We pool the most relevant ones by exploring new ways to involve people in the company.


No, we don’t put you in front of a canvas and ask you to tell us what arouses you! Through our activities of artistic facilitation and by getting our hands dirty together, we can reach productive results which reflect your needs and the objectives that we set together before.


The objective of our workshops is always that of creating a space in which a group of people can meet to discuss questions, put together ideas, identify problems, make decisions and develop solutions in a safe and secure environment. We hold diverse types of workshops for companies, designing made-to-measure agendas for the company’s pre-set objectives. We can do this on the company’s premises, externally or even in our space in Bologna, Italy.


We develop diverse games in order to stimulate the research, curiosity and the understanding in work groups. The most recent one that we have developed is a gem.. or should we say a bean?

“The world in a bean” allows you to travel to unexpected places, to uncover innovative points of view with an unusual instrument: coffee. After a synesthetic tasting experience, you will be able to observe your objectives and reach results with a richer and more open mindset. Don’t you believe us? Try this explorative experience – you only need to take a sip!

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