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CHANGE your points of view in A SAFE spAce

Assimilate, think, share: the Yobi space is our laboratory, a safe place to express ideas and to confront each other at the height of one’s creative power. An inclusive universe that mirrors our actions.

Walls, shelves and coffee machines: our studio is not what you are used to, it works like a big physical encyclopedia that we make available to your team to compare, change points of view and discover new goals.

We are in Bologna in the Borgo Panigale neighborhood, away from the city chaos and easily accessible by any means. Treat yourself to an experience from which you will emerge more inspired and full of stimulation.


No shortcuts: thinking is about taking time to reflect, unearthing strengths and limitations of each individual project. Research, constant study, listening and looking at the big picture: these are the initial steps in all our work.


Ideas are born nonstop, but how many are destined to take shape? In the production room every inspiration becomes a collective vision, every invisible cue becomes visible. No magic: in Yobi’s brightest space we cross paths, write, draw, line up the bricks of a project, and get our hands dirty together. Drawing is our business, making our ideas concrete is our passion.


Yobi’s Workshop Room is always ready to host events and workshops built just for you. Our room dedicated entirely to facilitation is where we activate collaborative processes.


Our central room is the one that hosts our group meetings, but it is mostly the space for coffee, books and break times. It is the room where one can be inspired in a safe and relaxed environment, where the best insights are often born.


Yobi wants to be an active part of the place where they live. Looking around and taking care of Borgo Panigale is an important mission that is close to our hearts. Since its establishment, Yobi has been organizing events designed to enhance a neighborhood-symbol of the city and participates in the Community Lab, a project that has always celebrated a historic and inclusive community.


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