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The questions that we are asked the most, to orient ourselves together in the current scenario!

1. What is meant by “scribing“?

Scribing is a visual communication technique that is used for the collection of main ideas, concepts and information relevant to an event or a meeting, a conference or a presentation through the use of drawings, images, metaphors and lettering written by hand in real-time. It helps teams to find possible solutions, ideas and/or obstacles to make progress in a defined area. It is an advanced graphic facilitation technique that helps to bring out individual and collective perspectives by breaking down sanctions and judgements and addressing a shared perspective: growth and achievement of common goals.

2. What is the added value of scribing?

Scribing helps people to visualize the whole of the individual parts, to develop a single image that recounts a vision, a plan, a product, a strategy, a message to share or a story.

We all process information differently. The use of graphics, color and metaphors enables us to process complex information visually and fully. Scribes target the essence and simplify content, employing left and right brain pathways to help us understand opportunities and challenges with clarity and precision.

3. What are the benefits ​​for a company to trust scribing interventions?

Scribing can provide economic benefits in a number of ways.

Increased Engagement and Retention: Scribing helps make complex ideas more accessible and engaging for employees, customers and stakeholders. By making information easier to understand, companies can improve engagement and retention, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Improved communication: Scribing can also improve communication within a company. By creating visual representations of information, scribing can help employees and managers better understand and communicate ideas, processes, and goals.

Enhanced Marketing: Scribing can be used as a marketing tool to help companies stand out from competitors. Scribing can be used to create engaging and memorable visuals for marketing materials, presentations, and social media content.

Time-saving: Scribing can also save time and money for a company. By creating visual representations of information, scribing can help reduce the need for lengthy reports and presentations, which can save time and resources.

Overall, scribing can provide economic benefits to a company by improving engagement, retention, communication and marketing, saving time and resources.

4. Does my company / brand need to be in the same sector as Yobi (e.g., design, creativity, visual communication) in order to utilize its services?

Absolutely not! Yobi’s job is to facilitate your company’s decision making and idea generation processes by facilitating discussion through visual comparison of all options, depending on your individual goals. It is our job to offer added value through advanced visual communication techniques to make your approach even more informed.

5. Are you available to offer visual thinking or facilitation consultancy for my company’s marketing team?

Yobi was born to listen to the needs of every single company, and our team is always available to offer tailor-made consultancy for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to hear about all our creative services and our proposals.

6. Do you work outside of the Emilia Romagna region in Italy?

Absolutely – Yobi can arrive in any area of the globe. We even organize live and digital scribing events, as well as remote workshops and laboratories.

7. How do you prepare yourselves before a live-scribing event?

Before every event, Yobi studies the history of the company/brand deeply, as well as the company culture and of course listening to their needs and communicating directly with them. Our pre-work involves understanding the scenario in which we will move in during the event, and what it will talk about. But the real magic happens in the moment during the live event. The things that make our ears prick up are the accents, the emphasis and the emotions of the speakers. Paying attention is our every-day job and we are trained in understanding every nuance.

Our abilities also involve that of following the flow as it happens. Your team doesn’t need to think about anything else other than expressing itself, without any inhibitions or brakes.

8. Are the texts created during the scribing event edited, or are they ready to be used instantly?

Usually we tend not to modify any texts, because every cue given represents the snapshot of an experience and faithfully follows the flow of the event. Our methodology is based upon a hot impression of real moments, thoughts and opinions. Often, the modification of these concepts runs the risk of fraying their original strength. It is our direct responsibility to highlight or smooth out differences. This does not detract from the fact that some modification or corrections on the information may take place based on agreed-upon interventions.

9. What does human print ?

Human print is all about our humanistic approach and the human ‘touch’ we give to all that we do, the way we get personal with your company and its needs. We see ourselves as artisanal creators, warm and personal. These attributes allow us to imprint your company culture and emotions in your employees’ minds and hearts.

Our team of listeners, facilitators, designers and illustrators is able to deconstruct the learning patterns of a group. The basis for which this process is set in motion is to identify your team’s needs and learning patterns, to respect and integrate everyone’s cultural and social background, and to break down communication barriers. This approach is aimed at unearthing the human print of each business reality: the search for a universal language, the appreciation of differences, and the care that allows you to navigate the flow of innovation. The term human print indicates a real challenge that Yobi gives to companies to always leave a positive impact in the current landscape, together.

10. How do I know if my company needs a scribing intervention or facilitation workshop?

Scribing is agile, flexible and has an extreme capacity to adapt and apply to various situations. You can use it in a meeting, a conference, an event to explain the features of a product or a process, in an idea generation workshop or a simple brainstorming session.

In facilitation workshops we are immersed in a process of increased co-participation. Through various creative activities we activate lateral thinking by focusing on a new goal or generating new ideas and solutions.

Yobi works together with you to construct the service best adapted to your needs. We analyze your objectives and we propose the strategic solutions that will best help you to reach your desired results.

11. What is the difference between scribing and digital scribing?

In both cases, the visual recording of what is said isn’t particularly different. There are two main differences between scribing and digital scribing. The first is the mode in which the notes are taken. In the case of scribing, the information is made visual on paper or on another physical material by hand with markers and pens. Digital scribing, however, is done using design software and instruments like a graphics tablet.

The second, and more important difference is the impact on the audience.

With the ‘handmade’ version, the participants have the opportunity to see the scriber carry out their performance from the beginning to the end, starting from a white sheet of paper. In the set time, the scriber does a kind of ‘dance’ that keeps attention high without distractions, ensuring the continuous focus on what is being said.

The digital version, however, has a faster speed of sharing results and can also be used remotely, which is particularly useful for remote meetings and attractive from a sustainability perspective.

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