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Yobi helps companies to construct real and actual learning spaces, made to improve processes of understanding and of communication. We give value to the vision of the individual through collective discussion and thanks to the graphic facilitation technique, we make every dialogue practical and constructive.


We create safe and equal learning spaces that are void of judgment, where everyone can feel free to express themselves, to innovate and to make mistakes. Such places where everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time, creating collaborative dynamics, essential for innovation and change. We operate with immaterial processes, combining convergent and divergent thought processes. Our knowledge facilitates communication and understanding between individuals and work groups, making them more agile and productive.


With our Graphic Facilitation projects, we find ourselves in front of a process of better co-participation on our part, or on the part of the audience. Through diverse creative activities, we activate lateral thought processes, focusing on an objective or on the generation of new ideas and solutions. We support the communication, the understanding and the sharing of ideas, creating a mental mind map of the topic at hand, in order to elaborate a shared strategy.

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