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Yobi is a creative crew of graphic facilitators, designers, knowledge workers and creators. We help companies to re-find their innovative flow, to bring them back to the contemporary moment. On the search for an accessible and universal language, together.


Master’s degree in Graphic Design at IED, supported by a background in the humanities, Pierpaolo is the mind (and hands) behind Yobi Scribes. He loves to accumulate things, ideas, people: with his art he is able to connect them all and at the same time to pile them together in the same place. Our headquarter is the zoo choosen for the purpose, but don’t you dare to steal something from his collection (my preciousssss treasure). He is passionate about Hip Hop, street culture and graffiti, from which he draws his inspiration: yo!


She took her first steps in academic-artistic circles all the way to Trieste’s University of Coffee. Monica is an incorrigible perfectionist. An exceptional driver, she is literally the engine of the crew, being the only one with a driving license. After taking a break from Wacky Races, she began mixing unexpected ingredients, especially coffee. Passionate about oil painting and video art, she skillfully captures the quirky nature of Yobi through music, sounds, and images.


Calligraphy, typography, graphic design, and video games lover practically a nerd! Passionate about fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, science fiction, art, graffiti, comics and drawings, of course, a serial accumulator. Our senior art director is always ready to dream big!


Philologist, but no longer a practitioner. She left the way of the sword to take the way of the pen. She enjoys reading, eating and, above all, writing: Jedi master in the art of speech, Goblin when hunger calls. Her whimsical stories are put to the service of Yobi to best tell the hard life of the Scribers, whose she is the action reporter, the group’s squealer. Pigeons are his only weakness.


She studies Illustration for Publishing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In between tortellini, she has been drawing non-stop since she was a child, but don’t be fooled, behind the kawaii look of her drawings lies a creepy soul: her two personalities wander around Yobi’s office. Passionate about Hello Kitty and everything that represents her, she piles up images of the Blessed One into her home, in which she has set a Buddhist temple, where she takes tributes and offerings.


DAMS graduate in Art History and design enthusiast from around the world. He is a comics‘ fanatic, always on the lookout for new perspectives: the wild Matthew specimen can be found perched at his Yobi station, where he artistically directs work to the beat of hip-hop music. He recently had a mystical apparition in the light of an iPad and he converted himself to digital ever since. Despite his dangerous appearance and sharp horns (Taurus zodiac sign) he is a soft-hearted bully.


Leader in hospitality and fine dining, Typica has chosen the Yobi Space as her office. She is available every day from 10 to 6 for pampering and receiving delicious treats.

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