Yobi is a creative crew of graphic facilitators, designers, knowledge workers and creators. We help companies to re-find their innovative flow, to bring them back to the contemporary moment. On the search for an accessible and universal language, together.


Holding a masters in Graphic Design at IED, supported by humanistic training, Pierpaolo worked as a designer, a scribe and a knowledge worker for more than ten years before founding Yobi. He is passionate about Hip Hop, street culture and graffiti, and at work he loves the aspect of networking, above all. He grows by sketching and doodling on any surface at his fingertips, exploring the world of writing from the dawn of civilization to new media.


The more creative heart of Yobi took its first steps in academic-artistic fields up to the University of Coffee in Trieste and it is precisely the philosophy of the extractive filtering system that inspires her forays into Marketing, Monica is an artist and a startupper, with a methodical vision, with an analogical heart and a practical gaze. Passionate about oil painting, editing and animation, she loves bringing images to life and thinking of obstacles as an opportunity.


Leader in hospitality and fine dining, Typica has chosen the Yobi Space as her office. She is available every day from 10 to 6 for pampering and receiving delicious treats.

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