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TED Group Discussion

    Impact Hub Ticino
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On November 22, 2022, the fourth TED Talk Group Discussion was held organized by Impact Hub Ticino with the support of BancaStato. The theme event “Sustainable Fashion” opened an intense dialogue on finding new ways of a more responsible consumption habits, as well as the request to governments to facilitate the sustainable transaction of the sector.

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After watching the TED talk “3 creative ways to fix fashion’s waste problem” by Amit Kalra, Finance Manager of Nike, the discussion brought together severals entrepreneurs, istitutions and non-profit associations in a multigenerational conversation. We work remotely with our scribes and visually synthesized the debate, enhancing each idea that emerged from the conversation starters.


Our work was projected on the monitors during the event, so as to be a constant visual reminder of the discussion. The visual synthesis of the TED Group Discussion’s brainstorming has been of great support to the flow of consciousness stimulated by the event.

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