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Tedx Weekend Verona

    Tedx Verona
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We were invited to the event organized by Ted in Verona. The goal of Ted is to discover and spread new ideas, making sure that a sense of community is established and engaging discussion among the participants. Yobi’s hand came in to synthesize the overall thoughts that came up.


Connection Tedx Weekend Verona


We engaged our listening power, to bring together on one space the spirit of the event and the voices of the stakeholders present. Not just individual voices becoming collective, but the voice of the community itself being condensed through the metaphor of the white paper directly in front of it. The biggest impact is just seeing so many hands shaping the same project. The discussion was held in various rooms, of which we summarized the best practices that emerged in various areas of the wall. In evidence, the importance of communication and the need for turnover: different human interactions allow for different traffic of ideas. Expanding the network and enhancing team’s motivation are all factors that foster the strengthening of human relationships that Ted wants to promote.


The results of the discussions were reported on a single panel, highlighting the importance of participation and the experience itself: creating a sense of community through conscious choices, putting the mobility of ideas and people at the center. Afterwards, we summarized the day in Verona through a video playfully reporting a representation of the moment: moving together like on a carousel, having fun and putting ideas in motion!

Highlights  Tedx Weekend Verona
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