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Sustainability Generators

    Confcooperative Emilia Romagna
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Coonfcoperative Romagna opens 2024 with the Congress Assembly called to elect the new president, who will lead the association for the next four years. The Congress is titled “Generators of Integral Sustainability – The Cooperative Economy for Territorial’s Development”. The event opened with a report by outgoing president Mauro Neri, along with a speech by director Venturi, who engaged cooperators on some sustainability‘s practices, implemented by the company.

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The intervention saw us participate in the discussion on the issues that are closest to our hearts: work and education, with particular attention to community and the values that will bring it into the future. The speeches then featured Unioncamere’s Deputy Director Guido Caselli, Governor Stefano Bonaccini and Confcooperative’s President Maurizio Gardini. Their ambitious vision was summed up by our digital scribes: it opens to a path of growth; we are all part of the world we are going to create. Their goal is to give concreteness, prioritizing listening and workers’ participation, in order to create an inclusive community.


In the afternoon, finally, the voting took place. Through visual synthesis, we clarified to everyone the best practices that had emerged, emphasizing the real added value of Coonfcooperative: concern for workers and their needs. To make environmental sustainability, integration and teamwork one’s manifesto (and we concretely do it!) is to responsibly build the future together. The scribes were shared via the company’s social channels, spreading its values.

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