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    Knauf Insulation
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Knauf Insulation Italia, a manufacturing hub for direct supply to the Italian construction industry, called us to celebrate the renovation of its new headquarters in Turin. It is a rural cottage outside the city, which proves the company’s deep connection with the territory. A passion for quality and a daily commitment to excellence, along with participation and cooperation among people, are the values that Knauf has placed at the foundation of its employees’ working lives.

Connection CasaKI Brochure


We produced a celebratory pamphlet for them tracing the history of their location from the time it was built in the 1700s. The company is committed to enhancing its human resources and has involved the entire team in the renovation, preserving the identity of the location. The collaboration of all stakeholders is centered on constructive exchange, which stimulates a lively and proactive dialectic: our lens aimed to highlight just that, making it clear to those who may not be familiar with the history of Knauf Insulation and the locations in which it works.


Taking care of the space around us is taking care of the people who inhabit it. Knauf Insulation has made these principles its core principle, putting the well-being of workers first starting from where they move, making it as much as possible a home of positive comparison!

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