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TEK the New Innovation District

    Comune di Bologna
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We were invited to attend the conference presenting TEK, the new digital innovation district, which was held at Cinema Modernissimo. We descended into the beating heart of Bologna, where we got to touch the gears that are being set in motion to renew the city. At the center – or rather at the edge of the map – there is the redevelopment of the Bologna Fairgrounds area and beyond, the transformation of a large city area and all that it entails.

Connection TEK the New Innovation District


Our scribes, projected on the big screen at Modernissimo, accompanied the various personalities gathered to talk about the urban masterplan. From behind the scenes, we began to connect the pieces. The fairgrounds will be equipped with new cultural facilities, like UNU, United Nations University. Via Stalingrad will be the green backbone of the new Digital Innovation Village, complemented by the redevelopment of the North Park. The imminent construction of the tramway will also connect the city on two points, that of the Fair and that of the dynamic border of Borgo Panigale. The love for Bologna and its territory is at the heart of the initiative: the city resumes its historical role as a land of integration and internationalization.


The redevelopment of the area aims to create a new knowledge district, where green practices and human practices intersect. Knowledge and collaborations will be made available to the community with a vision of change on a European scale. Bologna will no longer be the Data Valley of Emilia, but of Europe. Such a change necessitates the drafting of a shared manifesto: we broke the screen!

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