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Regione Puglia’s New Building Renovation Law

    Regione Puglia
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Regione Puglia invited us to the conference on building renovation held at the Kursaal Santalucia Theater in Bari. The meeting focused on the future prospects and strategies of the region’s building policies, the choral voice of which came to life through scribing.

Connection Regione Puglia’s New Building Renovation Law


The President of the Region, Michele Emiliano, together with the Regional Councilor Delegate, Stefano Lacatena, introduced the new law on building renovation, with the mediation of Mimmo Mazza, editor of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. The process had long been desired and it is a shared work, which had as its goal the drafting of a clear law that would help redesign the city together with the citizens. Then, Paolo Garofoli, director of the department of environment, landscape and urban quality, and Luigia Brizzi, manager of the urban planning section, discussed the legislative changes in detail: the chorality of the work focuses on inclusiveness and the social side of building activities, responding to civic needs.


Our lens highlighted the unanimity with which this measure was accepted, marking a historic achievement for the region, whose citizens are strongly involved. In the end, the scribing work was showcased via timelapse video, which made the process of creation a protagonist.

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