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Wat! What a Transition

    The European House – Ambrosetti
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We attended the project Wat! What a Transition, organized by The European House – Ambrosetti and Randstand. The goal of this meeting was to prepare young people for the job search of the future. As participants discussed how to realize the education-work combination, we tried to bring together healthy living and working environments, and at the same time, promote the formation of skills, collective talent and the spread of inclusive work.

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The process took place over two days: in the first, we involved eight working tables in building a bridge between expectations and practice. Young people need to have the courage to experiment: curiosity is a creative engine that allows them to challenge themselves, grow and gain experience. Even mistakes can teach (more than anything else!).

At the end of the second day, however, practical challenges were drawn up to be accomplished. Through caring for relationships and orientation, a scenario can be created, in which safely get involved, activating everyone’s soft skills and building a community of practice!


The results of the eight working tables were compiled into a single summary scribe, divided into five parts, which clearly highlights aspects on which to focus practice. The final scribe, then, pointed out concrete best practices to implement. Our challenge, however, can be said to be accomplished: we have set up a safe environment, the bridge over which to conduct the transition.

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