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Stem day

    Avio Aero
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On the occasion of Stem Day, the Avio Aero company convened a day dedicated to the young promises of aeronautical engineering from the Polytechnic university of Turin, through an interdisciplinary exchange on the challenges of the working world.

An afternoon enriched by several activities focused on the professionalizing skills of the sector, thanks to the comparison with the main role models up to the presentation of the various design phases of aeronautical components and engines.

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We participated with our scribes and also set up a knowledge wall intended for the young students present in the classroom. The blank wall, ready to be filled with various post-it notes by the students, served to record the key words and suggestions of the event.


We took care of the human component, through our scribes and the creation of a knowledge wall that would return not only as an informative but also as an exciting overview of the event.

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