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Human Capital

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Last October the Yobi’s Crew was invited to Milan, to the event Human Capital 2023, organized by Corriere della Sera, where various figures from the corporate world met in a round table discussion mediated by our humanprint. We drew up a real manifesto of Human Capital, addressing the issue of education, particularly the school-work’s relationship.

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The Italian landscape seems to have lost focus on people, on experiences, on the value of confrontation and dialogue. We wanted to bring up the double challenge that it represents to initiate students into the work’s ethic right from high school, as much for companies as for the school itself.

Work is dynamism, it is challenging oneself and meeting different ideas and worlds.

We asked ourselves how to project these young resources into the future and connect them in a world in constant and chaotic transformation: by creating connections and fostering diversity and creative thinking we can develop a new Human Capital.



The event then moved to Rome, where we showcased the solutions that had emerged earlier, enriching them with the confrontation with stakeholders: our lens was featured within Corriere Della Sera itself, which published on the front page the scribing we had done.


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