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Edi Global Forum Naples

    Morra Greco Foundation
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The Morra Greco Foundation organized EDI – Global forum for education and integration. EDI is an international cross-cultural research’s center on art education and aims to create an educational hub for world-class art museums, with a focus on its combination with digital.

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The location for this meeting could only be Naples, a city that symbolizes the cohabitation of different cultures (Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish!) and now the leader of such an integrative and participatory project. We helped EDI to promote transformative encounters with art, by facilitating dialogue and collaboration and by encouraging the synthesis between creative expression and the complexity of contemporary society.

Art is education, participation, identity: just as Naples is characterized by its artistic mixture, so we can create communities united under one common denominator (a paintbrush!). The challenge was to understand how modern society could open itself up to the appreciation of artistic work: it is technology that has allowed art to become a democratic product, within everyone’s reach.


We drew up guidelines for responsible and proactive use of creative expression: any tool, no matter how useful, is incomprehensible without an instruction manual, and meaningful, intelligent and innovative use of art can rehabilitate us as humans as well (it’s written on the leaflet drafted by Yobi!).

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