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Food&Science Festival

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Syngenta invited us to participate at Open Science, a generative and regenerative festival that puts agriculture at the center. The event lasted two days: various exponents including institutions, universities and entrepreneurs, initially measured themselves in a dynamic and interactive confrontation on the topic of the future of agriculture and sustainability, to which we lent our ears and hands

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During the roundtable of day one, we created a four-handed thematic whiteboard, in which a series of reflections flowed out from a question: the panel we created came to life in real time with the audience’s discussion, enriched with visuals and post-its, along with the continuation of the interactive dialogue. Through cooperation and communication, we can promote a positive and sustainable footprint in the world.

On the following day, four workshops were held that focused not only on nature and issues related to agriculture, but also on its symbiotic combination with human intervention. We produced a six-handed scribe, divided into four thematic areas, which followed the topics of the four workshops of that day: is a peaceful collimation of the two worlds, between man-nature, possible?   


The original handmade scribes were displayed in the company, while the digital ones were spread through social channels for a fruitful, collaborative and sustainable dissemination. The solutions and best practices discussed at the event emerged through the power of sharing and comparing ideas.

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