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Economy of the Future

    Corriere della Sera
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On 16 and 17 November 2022, we participated in the event “The Economy of the Future”, organized by RCS MediaGroup and Italian news company Corriere della Sera. Two days where international protagonists of the sustainable economy gathered in round tables to discuss how to change the way we produce, consume and invest. Several thematic areas were touched upon, such as: the use of digitalization in sustainable development, investment in the younger generation as an invaluable resource for the future, and the valuable relationship between cities and communities.

Connection Economy of the Future


We produced live scribings that served as support during the presentations, allowing people to visualize all the long term actions to look toward a more sustainable and responsible future.


Our scribings, projected on a big screen at the Milan Triennale, became the identity manifesto of the entire event by making headlines in the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

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