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Segnal’etico Worklab.

    Opera Santa Maria del Fiore
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The workshop “Segnal’etico – Indications and Visual Pathways for Museums” was carried out together with the client Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore for the Museum Digital Transformation.

Connection Segnal’etico Worklab.


The main objective of the workshop was to develop new visual methods and strategies to reverse the role of the viewer from passive actor to active user of art and museum space.
Through graphic facilitation techniques and visual synthesis, we rewrote museum signage from an inclusive perspective, generating a less obstructive symbology that was both playful and interactive.


The creative process and the use of a universal symbolic language revealed the importance of the visual medium as an orientation tool for reading the works and the space, as well as constructed a new outlook capable of subverting conventions and thinking outside the box.

Highlights  Segnal’etico Worklab.
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