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Destinazione UCBM

    UCBM Roma
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We took part in the University campus Bio-Medico of Rome’s project entitled “Destination UCBM”, a five-day orientation tour around Italy (5 stops: Montalto, Sulmona, Caserta, Lecce and Cosenza). From school to school, the events served as an interactive portal to explore the university’s educational and training offerings, with virtual tours and augmented reality.

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Among the services requested, we supported the orientation tour by scribing the university lectures that took place during the event, also devoting ourselves to the presentation of the different speakers. We also made video animations to entertain the students with different games and quizzes.
Finally, we documented the entire event with a time-lapse video that could be shared on social media.


Our contribution was to fill the role of mediator between university and students, promoting dynamic and playful communication that kept the engagement of the young audience alive and high.

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