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Circularity and Sustainability

    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
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The Sacred Heart Catholic University organized the “Circularity and Sustainability” event for teachers and students to develop goals for sustainable and circular development.

Connection Circularity and Sustainability


The event, divided into two phases, was punctuated by the teachers’ input on circular economy and responsible consumption models. Following this, both students and teachers gathered in four rooms divided by themes: animal production; food technologies, from food waste to new products, and food education. In each room, a facilitator assisted the group in the discussion. To encourage cross-communication, all participants gathered in round tables.


We were responsible for transcribing, in the Yobi way, the reports provided by the teachers in the presentation phase. We also assisted in thematic brainstorming by extrapolating the salient elements that emerged from the collective discussion in each group. Our visual synthesis was an indispensable support to the cross-generational communication that occurred between students and teachers

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